MAY, 18-22 | Gomes Freire Palace, Lisbon



Lisbon by Design 2022
After the first edition last year, LISBON BY DESIGN is back with a promising second edition devoted to outstanding arts & craftsmanship. This year, the event presents a selection of new works by high-end Portuguese and international craftspeople who have chosen Portugal as their number-one location for producing collectables of superior quality. Most of the pieces on display were designed exclusively for this year’s fair.



Architect and Gallery owner, Nuno Lopes Cardoso spans projects across different worlds. He features a collection of Portuguese mid-century ceramic objects and his unique design furniture Collection in his gallery Objectismo, designed as a cosy boutique space in the Principe Real neighborhood of Lisbon.

Objectismo Collection is about extraordinary and unique contemporary furniture pieces connected through their inherent mid-century aesthetics, integrated with an unexpected twist of mid-century patterned ceramic tiles, made in Portugal by the most significant factories and artists. Rescued tiles from old stocks and shutdown factories.

Rethinking the use tiles just as a decorative material, aiming to highlight their texture, pattern and glazed surfaces is what drives Nuno Cardoso´s design. His master craftwork combines wood and brass using traditional Portuguese crafts such as weaving to add subtle design details to his works.

The Objectismo Collection showcases the sideboard Ritz, the side tables Square, Hearts and Facet and theplanters Reliefs and Tribal.

Each piece unique, each tile unique.