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Trade Association

 Objectismo is member of the APA – Portuguese Antiques Association, so clients know they can buy with the confidence and reassurance that every piece will be guaranteed.

Important Notes and Conditions

We guarantee the authenticity of every item that we sell. We are not responsible for errors or omissions in the online catalog, or in written or oral condition reports. We make every effort to accurately describe our merchandise, but in the event that errors occur, we cannot be held responsible. It is the client sole responsibility to be well informed before acquiring any piece.


Ceramics offered in this gallery are free of repairs; chips or cracks post production unless noted in the description of each lot. Our term “mint” refers to the object being in the same condition that it was in when originally produced. Sizes are approximate. Crazing, surface scratches, firing lines, bubbles, areas where glaze crawls, stilt marks, firing flaws and base flakes will be noted if we feel that they are objectionable. Many of these flaws may have occurred when made. Most ceramics can be crazed; we generally will not mention it. Many producers have ground the bottom of their vases causing minute chips or flakes. Unless we feel that they are objectionable, they will not be mentioned. Grueby and other makers of carved pots or those with high relief will often have flakes on edges of the leaves or points in high relief, we will only mention anything we feel objectionable and will still consider these pieces to be mint. Clewell is copper-clad and patinated; this patina occasionally has small flakes, we mention any we feel significant. Some framed tiles or plaques may have chips, which are hidden by their frames. We will not be responsible for their disclosure unless we feel significant. Some pieces will be dirty or stained; this will usually not be mentioned. In any case, if you are particular about minor flaws, you should examine pieces in person or have our staff answer any questions. Please ask questions before you buy.


Furniture has its original hardware and wood unless otherwise noted. Finishes and marks are carefully described. Some original finishes have minor restoration such as added color or a recoating. We will describe to the best of our ability, but it is the buyers responsibility to obtain an in depth description. The wood is oak, unless otherwise stated, and the dimensions are approximate. The furniture is old and over the years has acquired a few dents; drink rings, separations, burns, chips and assorted flaws. We will only mention those that we feel are objectionable. When we describe a piece of furniture as being in “excellent condition”, it generally implies that the finish is original and the structure is in fine shape. A piece that has been totally or partially refinished and is in good structural shape will generally be described as being in “very good condition”. A piece that needs to be refinished or that has a less than stable structural state (i.e. needs gluing, redoweling, etc.) may be generally described as being in “good condition”. The majority of this furniture is ready to be put in the home.


Lamps will be described based on patina and condition of glass. Leaded lamps may have cracked segments, most will. Some parts may have been replaced through the years, and we will mention it if we feel objectionable. Shades with mica may contain minor flaking or burn spots that will be mentioned if we feel objectionable.

Art Glass

Metalwork will be described based on patina and the condition of the object. Dents, scratches, wear and assorted flaws will be mentioned if we feel that they are objectionable. A piece with original patina, free of major dents or scratches usually will be described as in “excellent condition”.


Art Glass will sometimes contain air bubbles, surface scratches, lines in the making and chips to the pontil. We will mention anything that we feel to be objectionable. Some glass may be ground at the factory causing minor chips or flakes. We will mention anything we feel to be excessive. Discoloration on the interior is usually present when originally produced and will not be noted unless we feel it is excessive.

Paintings, Drawings and Prints

We guarantee objects to be an authentic work by the artist listed. Any and all information listed in the catalog that is not printed in bold type is given to the best of our knowledge, is merely our opinion, and is not guaranteed to be correct or authentic. We make every effort to insure that all artwork is authentic and is represented accurately. If the authenticity of a purchased object is contested, it must be made known to us within 30 days of the sale. 1) A written letter from a noted authority presented to us, declaring the object to be executed by someone other than the artist listed. 2) This authority has no vested interest in the artist’s work or the estate of the artist. 3) The object is returned to us in the same condition in which it was purchased. The purchase price will be refunded only; there will be no compensation for damages, loss of profit, professional fees, transportation or any other costs.

Condition Reports

It is the buyer’s sole responsibility to be knowledgeable about the condition of the property before bidding. We are open for preview the week prior to every auction, or by appointment. We encourage you to visit and inspect all lots at this time. If you cannot personally examine items, we encourage you to call, e-mail or fax us your condition report requests prior to the sale. Our staff will give you our opinion of condition, answer any questions, and send photos if necessary. This information is solely our opinion and is not to be relied on as representations or statements of fact. It is the buyer’s responsibility to be aware of all conditions, addendums, and corrections before the sale.

Authenticity Guarantee

Objectismo are pleased to offer a full Certificate of Authenticity with selected item purchased.

Methods of Payment

Payments can be made using direct bank transfer. To ensure total confidentiality and security we can always arrange payment in person or over the telephone.

If you have any questions

Regarding the object condition, we would be happy to provide an opinion of the condition, but all works are sold as viewed. If a work is in obvious need of repair, or has obvious imperfections, we will attempt to note it in the description. If a painting is excessively dirty, we will attempt to note it in the description; however, we do not feel that the normal darkening of varnish over years is problematic, and it will not be noted in the description. If you would like for us to give our opinion regarding whether or not a work needs to be cleaned, please contact us. We believe it is important for you to know the condition of a work before you bid on it. We strongly recommend that you personally inspect potential purchases before the sale, or have your representative inspect it on your behalf. If this is not possible, we urge you to call us for a detailed verbal or written condition report. This report is not a professional conservator’s evaluation, but is given to the best of our opinion.